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March Materials Madness Outreach Program

PhD for a Day!

Girls' Science Day

Chem-STEM Outreach Initiative

IDEaS is an outreach program which supports the advancement of underrepresented groups in the STEM fields and their transition into academia, industry, and government.

Through targeted outreach programs, a diversity lecture series, and a peer-mentorship program, we sought to foster an inclusive environment for Columbia University and its surrounding community.

As co-founder and co-president of IDEaS, we aimed to provide resources for the advancement of underrepresented groups at all levels in STEM. Beyond just making sure of adequate representation, we aimed to provide a community to promote the success of underrepresented groups at Columbia, during their time as graduate students, and further on in their careers.

I co-organized organic problem session nights at Columbia University. Sessions included undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty members.

Problem set sessions are a great way to get the department together, build community, and learn in a comfortable environment.

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